Are trampolines dangerous for home use

Are trampolines dangerous for home use

Nowadays, the trampoline has gained the popularity in all over the world and

become the most favorite items for both children and adults. People can take the

use of the trampoline to play or do exercises. Jumping on the trampoline for a few

minutes everyday is the best way to keep fit and stay healthy. Although the

trampoline is very beneficial for all people at any range of age, it also has some

adverse effect on the users. Some people usually feel confused about whether the

trampoline is dangerous for the home use or not. Today, we will help you have a

deeper understanding about this factor.


When you place the trampoline in your house, it can cause the injuries for the

family members. Some people think that the trampoline has no negative effects on

the users; however, this viewpoint is not really true because sometimes, this

equipment can put you in danger. There is a wide range of different injuries that

the trampolines can be the main cause.

Firstly, the arm or even the legs of the people can be broken due to exposing to the

side rail. In some situations, people need to take the surgery to recover well. The

consequence of the breaking bones can exist for a very long time that can influence

your work or study.

Secondly, it can lead to the temporary unconsciousness or other head injuries

because of a blow to the head because of the side rail.

Apart from these above injuries, people can suffer various other injuries, including

sprains, cuts, bruises, head and neck injuries, and scrapes. Especially, children

usually have a deep passion on jumping on the trampoline, so they can be


Avoiding the injuries

Although the trampoline can cause the serious pains, people can apply some

strategies to outweigh its effects. One of the most important things is to buy the

best trampolines for families. You should invest on the best trampoline to make

for sure that when you jump, it will not be broken.

Additionally, to prevent you from injury, you should not jump on this equipment

with another person at the same time. Furthermore, you should ensure that the

springs are overlaid. The safety net is a good suggestion for the users to prevent the

insect. Moreover, you can be protected by the net because it has the ability of

preventing you from falling out.

To protect well, you should install the trampoline on the ground. Many injuries can

occur when people make a choice of the high trampoline. When your children play

with the trampoline, you also need to pay more attention to them at all times to

avoid injuries.

Generally speaking, everything has two sides, and the trampoline is not an

exception. Apart from the benefits, it also remains several shortcomings that the

manufacturers should make an improvement to create the perfect equipment for

people to relax after their working hours. They can have the wonderful moments in

their home.

Ironing your clothes without an iron

Imagine that you are going to have an important dating with your boy or girlfriend and your most beautiful clothes are wrinkled because of being put into the wardrobe too long. You want to remove those ugly wrinkles but unfortunately, your iron is already broken and you forgot to buy the new one. Let move to another unhopeful situation that you are overseas students who have just arrived at the new dormitory after a half of day on the plane. You are going to have a meeting with supervisor as well as teachers of your new school in a luxurious restaurant but you did not bring your iron without and you do not know anyone here while your dress is too creased because it was stuffed in a tight valise. Those situations seem too difficult to solve. Luckily, without the iron, you can still totally overcome them easily by the following tips:

Taking advantage of your hair straightener

babyliss_pro_nano_titanium_large_photo1If you are a girl, you surely own lots of machines to make your hairstyles. Instead of giving up and feeling disappointed, you can use the best flat iron hair to de-wrinkle for your clothes. This useful tool can be as effective as when you use it to make your hair straight.

Taking advantage of hair dryer

5500897d04be8-remington-keratin-therapy-hair-dryer-xlYou should not be too surprised of this function of a hair dryer. It can not only dry your hair but also help you to remove the wrinkles on your clothes. What you need to do is to hang your clothes and let the hair dryer blow with the distance of 2 inches to ensure that it will not damage your clothes.

Flattening your clothes while taking a shower

This may sound crazy but do not doubt this method because it can work effectively. Let hang your clothes in a safe place in the bathroom so that they can avoid getting wet. Then you can freely bath and wait the results, you may not believe that hot steam from water can make those wrinkles on your clothes disappear.

Rolling your clothes as a burrito

In order to apply this tip, you need put your wrinkly clothes on a flat surface such as a table or a bed. Then you try to flatten them as much as possible. Next, you must roll them tightly and put it under the mattress. Wait for about 30 minutes and see your result.

Using water

You can use a bottle of water then spray lightly on your wrinkles. Then try to stretch your clothes as much as possible. In addition, you can use some cartons which are large enough and matched your clothes, then you put them into the inner sides of the wrinkly clothes. Finally, you hang clothes under the sunshine or use your hair dryer as well and wait until they dry. This method takes from 15-30 minutes, if you don’t mind to let your clothes wet, you can apply it.

Decorating Your Garden With Wood Barrier

Nowadays, the fence has gradually become an indispensable part of a perfect garden. The fence can not only protect your house from the unwelcome guests such as thieves but also help make your garden more attractive, modern and beautiful. There are variety types of the barrier for your garden that you can choose. If you love the green color of the nature, you can decorate your garden by hedgerows. If you want to have a colorful and vivid barrier, you can use flowers. If you are interested in rocks and stones, they can also be a unique fence for your choice. If you want to have a classic but romantic, poetic space, you can choose wood barrier.

Using wood to decorate the garden is also a new and hot trend that lots of individuals are fond of. You can buy the available barrier sold at stores or on the internet as well. If you want to have the unique wooden fence, you are able to ask the woodworkers to follow your requirements. However, if you are a skillful and creative person, you can buy woods and prepare some tools such as the best woodworking band saw, wood shavings, nails and hammer to make your own barrier by yourself.

A beautiful fence needs to be harmonious with the general composition of both your house and your garden and is considered as the important highlight for those things. People have the tendency to use the simple but not monotonous styles for their wood barriers. The uncomplicated ones bring the free and easy feeling and they are easily combined with the other minor details. In addition, the color of the wooden barrier is also necessarily suitable to colors of the house. Normally, white, orange, green and brown colors are the top choices of many people. These colors often create the feeling of stepping into a modern, luxurious but poetic space for you and your guests.


In addition, you need also pay attention to the size of your barrier, it is not too high or too low as well as too small or too big. A very important factor that you should not skip when using wooden fence is that you need to ensure the materials of it. Wood used for the barrier need be durable, steady, and can suffer from the effects of nature. This can not only make sure that your house is always safe but also help you to save lots of money on repairing or replacement.

In order to have a unique space which is full of colors and harmonious with nature, you can decorate the barriers by artificial flowers on it. On the other hand, hanging some vivid and colorful spots of flowers is also a not bad idea for your attractive barriers. Moreover, arranging some small colorful stones and rocks at the bottom of the barrier is also a new tendency that many people apply when decorating their garden. These details can also distribute to create a wonderful beauty for your fence in particular and your garden in general.

With the helpful information above, hope you will have the right decision and have an attractive wood barrier for your beautiful garden.

Discover 10 extremely interesting tips for gardening

Planting trees to repel mosquitoes, taking full advantages of bottles of wine for automatic irrigation or planting seeds in the egg shells are 3 in 10 interesting gardening ideas for you to discover.


1. Planting trees to repel mosquitoes

Some species have characteristic odor mosquitoes can cause dared not “loiter” almost lemongrass, mint, thyme, so you can plant them near the house to repel mosquitoes.

2. Taking full advantage of bottles for automatic irrigation

If you are afraid of watering daily, you can use the old wine bottle to pour water on it and plug it into the trees pots. The water will automatically flow from the bottle to the ground and you can save a lot of time watering. When bottles are out of the water, you can add more water into the bottle and repeat the steps above.

3. Growing photophobic vegetables

Your home does not have enough light to grow vegetables? Try to plant photophobic vegetables and spices such as cilantro, celery, onions, garlic, lettuce, chips, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, cabbage … Every day they just need just 4 hours of light or even fewer for photosynthesis and growth.

4. Taking advantages of eggshell to plant seeds

In the internal face of eggshell still contains lots of nutrients from the egg white, so you can make use of the eggshell for planting. The roots will grow longer and get to the bottom of the shell to take nutrition for trees. When the tree is big enough, you just squeeze eggshell to make roots grow deeply into ground.

5. Making watering can from plastic can

If you do not have a shower watering can, you can make use of an empty ca. Simply, you just bore holes on the lid of the can, pour water into it and open the can, then you can water trees. You can also choose the can with a handle to make watering become simpler and more energy savings.

6. Planting basil indoors

From the tops of basil, you buy in the market or supermarket, you can plug into the cup of water near the window. They will take root and grow every day. When trees have many leaves, you can pluck them to cook foods and use them when necessary.

7. Trying to plant the seed with a damp cloth

To make sure that the seeds you choose will germinate and grow well, you just try to plant a few seeds first. Moisten the seeds then sprinkle on a wet towel (non-alcoholic kind). Wait a certain period of time, depending on the type of seeds, if the seed grows equally, then you can plant the large number of them.

8. Keeping flowers fresh longer with vodka

Alcoholic beverages and carbonated beverages, when added to water in flower vases, can help flower be fresh longer than normal water.

9. Taking advantages of sprouts of onions and roots of celery to plant on the pots

If onions in your fridge have buds, you should plant them to collect tuber in the next crop. Similarly, for celery, after cutting stems and leaves, you can keep their roots and plant in the spots. When celery has leaves, you just cut leaves and keep roots for next uses.

10. Processing winter menu with spice trees and olive oil

The winter food will taste better when combined with olive oil and spices. You can process these spices and put in the refrigerator for gradual uses. At first, you should wash those spice trees, cut them into small pieces, put on ice trays, then you pour full of olive oil on the trays. Put those trays on the fridge and take out when needed.

The Harmful Effects Of Noise On Health

Noise can reduce vision, badly affect study, cause cardiovascular disease, influence negatively fetus’s health

Obstructing studying process

Noise pollution is harmful to not only adults but also children. Children who continuously contact with noise will learn difficultly. Especially, the ability to complete homework or assignments is weaker as well as the ability to learn and comprehend the languages is decreased.

Reduce hearing


The clearest consequence of noise is to reduce hearing. Noise hurts the villas in the cochlea and this causes the mechanism of the decrease or loss of hearing. It is obvious that the world we are living is quite noisy. Our hearing can be decreased by a string of consecutive noise which is about 85 decibels. Therefore, you should not let your ears exposure to noise over 85 decibels for an hour per day.


The impact of noise makes your nervous system stimulated, it is difficult for you to sleep or wake up easily. If a person is short of sleep, all parts of the body will be affected negatively. That is inevitable.


Exposure to noise often makes people get tinnitus (people always hear the cracked sound inside their ears). This terrible situation adversely impacts not only the nervous system but also your health.

Cardiovascular disease

Recent research has also found that if the volume at night is over 50dB, people also get the risk of heart attack because the body has to produce cortisol too much and too continuously. The sound caused by sirens  or motor vehicles can  make the blood vessels shrink as well as make the blood pressure raised because noisy sound increases blood adrenaline and vasoconstriction.

Negative effects on fetal

Researchers have also realized the connection between noise and underweight births, birth defects when pregnant women have exposure to noise for a long time, for example, pregnant women live near airports, noisy urban… The fetal abnormalities caused by noise including cleft lip-cleft palate and spinal cord injury. The embryo is capable of receiving audio and reacts to sounds with the movements and changes in heart rhythm. Scientists expected that exposure to noise is harmful to a fetus conceived shortly after 16-60 days which is the time that some major organs and central nervous system have been formed. Besides, when the women have exposure to noise, the blood vessels shrink, so there will not enough oxygen for the fetus, this is the reason for underweight infants. In addition, noise also changes some hormones in pregnant women which may have negative effects on fetal growth.

Reduce working performance


More seriously, noise is also the culprit of working performance reduction for both intellectual labor and manual labor directly. Particularly for officers, noise can reduce creativity, decrease memorization ability and then lead to reduce labor productivity. Many people use music to down the noise, however, this method is not truly effective, even it can negative influence on memory. Listening to the music can also hinder communication to other colleagues and other shortcoming problems.

Black healthy, shiny and long hair.

12 Hair Care Tips for Shiny Black Hair

How to keep your black hair?

Black healthy, shiny and long hair.
Black healthy, shiny and long hair.

1. Massage your black hair with warm oil at least twice a week. Coconut, olive oils or any kind of herbal oil may be used to nourish hair.

2. Always use a shampoo for black hair. Because there are a lot of shampoos for different hair types so you need to pay attention to them.

3. Your hair should be protected from direct sunlight that is the best for you when staying outdoors , you can wrap the hair with a scarf or shielding them with a wide-brimmed hat.

4. Eat more healthy food for keeping your hair shiny further inside. Supplements such as calcium-rich foods, minerals, vitamins and iron will be very good for the hair.

5. Use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair and choose a soft hairbrush, which is harmless for scalp and hair.

6. Never tide your wet hair.

7. Let your hair dry naturally. Absolutely not abuse your hair dryer often whose heat can damage your hair’s texture and color.

8. In case of need for special hair style, choosing the best flat iron for black hair, together with some hair protection to keep your hair as fine as possible.

9. If you like the current color of your hair, do not hesitate to ask for advice from some experts on hair as thick and dark hair are often prone to gray. Therefore, you should seek the help of professional experts to know about the brand of shampoo for black hair and having shiny hair.

10. Normally, gel may be used to create black hair style,You know, thick black hair can be very easy and nice with gel.

11. Take care your hair at least once a month by using heat insulation with leaves, herbs or eggs. This both makes the hair more glossy, smooth and soft, and keep natural beauty black hair.

12. Trim your hair regularly to have smoother black hair instead of split ends. Wash your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo, If you have dandruff hair.


The most important thing to keep the black hair is that you need to protect them from direct sunlight, because of its color often discolored when exposed to high temperatures.

Skills on how to organize things neatly in ones small house

Your house is small but always messy, sprawling kitchen fixtures ? The following tips will help you get the tidy house tidy as you wish.


Access: Use boxes, hangers and shelves to have a spick and span entrance. By this way, more rooms for rarely used items like utensils to the holidays or drugs / items you purchase in bulk are created.

Living room : It should be kept neat and clean by using versatile items such as: Sectional rack, which has a variety of sizes to help you both to store many kinds of books, and some utensils or ornaments. You should also consider leaving some papers, magazines that you have electronic copies of them already; Corner shelves are not only a place for lamps, but TV control or magazines.

Coffee table: You can totally use tablecloths to overlaid and make room at the bottom when your current table has no shelves or drawers and you do not want to buy a new one.

Seats box: That have many sizes for you to choose, which are designed likely a box to containers inside that’s why you can use them as chairs, boxes or as convenient tables .

Bedrooms: Under the bed is a great place to storage that creates a large space and more open. Choose a bed with drawers to store winter clothes or lingerie . The higher the bed is the more place you have.

organize-kitchen-sink-cabinetCabinet: No need to make any hesitation to choose the high cabinets with many dresser drawers which take the same area but contain a lot of items.

Wardrobe: It does not take up much space to hang pants, shirt, dresses in many different sizes and classify various other accessories by using a wardrobe with more drawers.

Kitchen: Kitchen,beside cupboard drawer system, should be quipped with automatic sliding drawers that will help you tidy and keep things cleaner.

Dining Services

The Leader in Senior Living Food Service

Our experienced culinary team, under the direction of Chef Holly Mowery, will work with each individual to ensure that all special dietary needs are met. The staff takes the time to get to know each resident’s preferences, provide education to make appropriate food choices, and closely monitor that all measures are implemented to ensure adequate nutritional intake.

For our Personal Care clients 

• Three delicious meals a day served in an elegant dining room
Daily meal choices
• Reserved seating
• Private dining room for family parties
• Catering for private parties and themed dinners
Monthly “Show Cooking”
• Garden breakfast

For our Memory Care Residents and Day Care clients

• Family-style meals served in day care and memory care areas

The signature culinary experience offered by Morrison starts with the freshest of ingredients, cooked to perfection, and served graciously with attention to detail in our elegant dining room. Great dining is one of the many highlights you will enjoy at Pocono Tranquil Gardens.


Floor Plans

View the Floor Plan Gallery to see images of the rooms.


Private Suites

Friendship Suite

Friendship Suites Include:
• Compatibility Screening before assignment
• Cost Savings
• Promote socialization, friendships, and self esteem
• Peace of Mind


Cognitive Therapy Program

The center provides cognitive therapy which involves daily mind stimulating exercises for patients with memory problems. Unlike medicines, these exercises and accompanying care help preserve what cognitive abilities the patients have left so that they retain their dignity. Each patient will be evaluated by Dr. Mahesh Chhabria and cognitive therapy will be tailored to suit these individuals’ needs and affordability.

Personal Care services include:

• Medication Management   • Bathing and Grooming

“The people are great, they make you laugh. They make you feel good. I wish I could come here more often. Every day is a plus. I’m treated like a human being. The staff understand and don’t judge. The people that work here, Julia and Sandy make my day!” -Andy Usischon, Adult Day Care Client

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